Overcoming Creative Self-Doubt

As a musician, I love the moment when your mind is enjoying a creative spark and when possibilities seem limitless. But if you have lived any length of time of this earth, without fail, self-doubt plays that dissonant chord that makes you question everything you've just created.  Why is that?! Oh, the burning question that plagues every artist! 

Unfortunately, self-doubt feeds on insecurities: that they are not unique, not good enough, and even at their core, not worthy.  So what gives me the license to talk about this subject? Well, I am a musician, but I am also a licensed therapist; and I been analyzing myself for sometime now! 

If one is to overcome self-doubt, one must understand how thoughts and feelings work.  For example, have you ever been watching a food commercial, and minutes later you found yourself hungry or craving what they were advertising?  (Hmm, I wonder what a hamburger doughnut sandwich would taste like?) Well, our thoughts (either planted by someone else or ourselves) spark a feeling.  Thoughts=feelings.  The thought of me going on vacation triggers feelings of being excited, happy, or relaxed. 

So here is the catch: feelings (happy, sad, excited, afraid, etc.) never lie to you. If you are happy, then you are happy; if you are sad then you are sad.  My thoughts (remember either planted by someone else or ourselves) can be true or a lie, triggering a true feeling.  So the next time you create that new idea and think, "why would someone like this?" -- triggering a feeling of sadness -- remember to “think” differently and say, "Someone may like this!" -- creating a feeling of excitement! You are now on the way to challenging your self-doubt.  Experiment, create, and finish!!

Hope this inspires,