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This whole process of making an album has stretched me in a lot of ways. I have poured out so much emotion into this record that I feel like the music is literally a part of my soul. I hope the music will inspire you to pursue your dreams and passions in life. I even pray that some of the melodies cause healing in your heart.

I humbly say that this record showcases some of my best playing and writing, but I never wanted it to be about me. My desire is that the music contained in Passions Collide will impact your life. So -- Rock Your Passion!


  • "It’s a bold work of art that is completely subjective and untethered to fleeting trends in our impatient pop culture. On every level, Brady Novotny shines in Passions Collide, giving us an exclusive, up close and personal look inside the studio with one of indie music’s most ingenious talents.  ~Sebastian Cole, Gashouse radio

  • "Passions Collide is quite aptly named, as while each one of the songs that it sports focuses on a different sector of a wide-ranging musical spectrum, they all share a crude, relentless passion that truly knows no bounds." ~Michael Rand, Mobangels.com

  • "The colorful music sincerely affected me on both an auditory and physical level. Nothing but power. Uncorrupted, unabridged power." ~Joshua Corbin, Vents magazine